The No. 1 Premier, High-end Home Builder in Sri Lanka.

No matter where you live now: hassle-free from start to finish.

 Who we build for:

  • Sri-Lankan residents looking for a new / second home.
  • Expats who want to build a home in Sri Lanka.

10 Reasons

to build a MVIVO home.

1. Durable
Design based on building science.

2. Zero maintenance
To give you peace of mind.

3. Personalised design
Every MVIVO home is a unique expression of its owner.

4. Everything included and more
From the the thermostatic showers to the light sensors.

5. The WOW factor
A minimalist masterpiece with floor to ceiling doors / windows and no visible beams.

6. Low energy bills
Well insulated, temperature controlled buildings with a centralised ventilation system and a split solar water heater standard included.

7. High resale value
Price increase achieved even during construction process.

8. An automated lifestyle
The real comfort lies in living smart and simple.

9. A controlled temperature
The cheapest energy is energy you don’t use. 

10. Clean and healthy
We transformed your space for physical and mental wellbeing. 



Let’s start building your dream home!

11 + 14 =

A far cry from traditional brick and mortar houses. 

See how we build homes that are ultra-durable, well insulated, healthy, beautifully minimalist, and automated. 

Read what our customers say.

I got to know about MVIVO via a friend who had taken their services. From the day one the MVIVO team provided me with a Friendly and a Professional service. Their consultation covered almost all of my requirements.

Especially the fine points in house construction process. Through their expertise, they identified my specific requirements and portrayed them back in a technical manner which was simple to understand.

The costing was very transparent and gave me the tiniest of detail involved. Considering the professionalism, friendly approach and excellent communication , I would rate the service as a Top class one. Thanks MVIVO for fulfilling my dreams.

Janith Champika

We contacted MVIVO, as we are looking to build a holiday home. Due to the prevailing situation, we decided to invest in Sri Lanka, as traveling is more restricted. My experience with most contractors in Sri Lanka is that I need to invest a lot of my personal time in managing the project and most of the time the project goes way over budget.

A friend recommended MVIVO, since they claim to offer a turn-key solution from design to construction on site. I must say that even during the lockdown, they managed to visit my site and started the design process.

Information was always shared instantly, and the customer service approach (so far) is very promising. I love the luxury feeling of all the finishes and architectural design and cannot wait to spend weekends with my family in our dream home. The architect also managed to design a floor plan, suitable to rent out the property to ensure return on investment.

Nadeeshani Chathurika

When I started to look out for a construction company for one of our projects in Sri Lanka, I learned online about MVIVO. Compared to other home builders and construction companies, MVIVO offers exactly what we have been looking for.

We have lived abroad in a house that you can compare with what MVIVO builds here in the hill country of Sri Lanka. Just like in Australia, all expertise are in-house. From the Architect to the Site Supervisor at site, everyone operates under the flag of MVIVO.

That helped us, although we were overseas, to complete the project in a very smooth way. I like the fact that even during difficult times, MVIVO managed to complete our project and I would like to thank the whole team for making this a success. I am planning to start another project soon. Keep up the good work.

Buddhika Siriwardhana