We design and construct

your bespoke HOME.

Anywhere in Sri Lanka. 

Home. A place to belong and be loved.

Your idea for a home where everything feels right. You are thinking about what is possible and what matters most. And you are looking for a home builder you like and trust.

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No stress. A care-free building process.

To give you a better understanding of the entire construction process, we have outlined all steps you will go through to answer all your questions from design, construction to handing over the key.


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Dutch designed homes.

The finest European architectural design and homes built to the highest standards of quality and detail. We make your home to measure, and offer a range of modern finishes in a minimalistic design.


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Meet your building experts.

Let’s talk about the home of your dreams. MVIVO Design Office is a unique place where you can go straight to our building experts with all your questions.



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A fixed price. Now, later, forever.

You have a thousand questions and even more ideas what you want your “dream home” to be. Before all these can be answered, it is vital to understand your project.



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Built for the the 21st century and beyond.

Life is about living. MVIVO builds your home, but we even go a step further: we fit your home with the things that make your life more convenient together with our partners.


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Ask a question.

If you are looking to build a home, contact us and we will answer all of your home building questions.