Investment Opportunity

MVIVO was initially launched in Sri Lanka to address the challenges faced by local and foreign investors when exploring real estate opportunities in the country. Early on, we recognised a massive opportunity for investing in Sri Lanka, but the western model, know-how and technology was missing. As a construction company, we offer our clients precisely that – a modern villa built hassle-free in a country where Return on Investment is still significant. As an example, below is a typical 3 bedroom MVIVO with a detailed construction cost and ROI calculation.

Villa CW

177,031 USD
(56,217,405 LKR)
277.58 m2 (2,987 ft2)
Living Space
630m2 (24.9 perch)
Min. Land Required
11m X 5.5m
10-12 months
Build Time
Sometimes, travel experiences or life impressions root themselves deep in the fibers of your being, only to later find their way into the blueprint of your dream home. And this three-bedroom villa is the perfect example.

The villa is primarily a comfortable family home with a smooth, logical flow of interconnected spaces and a very low threshold between indoor and outdoor living.

We fulfilled the client’s wish to integrate openness while maintaining privacy so that this villa can be used as a private residence, as well as generating passive income.

An ultra-durable and contemporary villa, designed to withstand tropical weather and ocean breeze for generations, offering its guests a comfortable experience during their stay on the island.

Construction cost (in USD)

Foundation and subsoil11,975
Mechanical, electrical & plumbing and bathroom fittings23,636
Insulated walls, floors & roofs
Cavity wall, cladding & exterior ceilings16,429
Exterior building edge & decking16,894
Exterior door & windows29,332
Interior wall, floor and ceiling finish12,516
Interior doors, staircase & railing5,412
Total villa cost:177,031
Land cost92,700
Furniture & appliances30,000
Total Investment:299,731

3 Bedroom villa ROI (in USD)

Occupancy rate60%70%80%
Monthly rate9,0009,0009,000
Monthly revenue5,4006,3007,200
Monthly expenses1,6201,6201,620
Monthly profits3,7804,6805,580
Annual profits45,36056,16066,960
Annual ROI15.1%18.7%22.3%
Year to breakeven6.65.34.5
Disclaimer: The Return on Investment (ROI) calculation provided herein is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or investment advice. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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