"At the end of the day, our sole purpose at MVIVO is to offer our clients a vastly superior way of living compared to other options available in Sri Lanka. Your home should be built like a German car: durable, low maintenance, energy efficient, well designed and packed full of features."

Kjell Van Doren, CEO MVIVO

Our European founders launched MVIVO in 2017 when they saw the local construction sector in Sri Lanka lacking in technology and professionalism and wanted to do something about it. Before MVIVO, building a modern home in Sri Lanka that even comes close to the functionality and quality of houses in Western Europe was simply not possible. Years of research and iterative development later, MVIVO has become the reference in Sri Lanka for anyone looking to build a high-end home.

Our ever-growing team is built up of highly trained project managers, architects, engineers, construction workers on-site, and other professionals in their respective disciplines. We are proud of the numerous stunning villas we have built all around Sri Lanka that add to the breathtaking landscape that was already there. We are grateful for all the clients that invited us along for the journey of realising their dream home and are excited for the future and the stories that still need to be written and built.

Our profession is home building. We understand that the construction process can be fraught with turmoil at times. It's our domain, and we navigate through it with expertise and dedication. This journey, from the initial excitement of design to the eventual move-in day, is shaped by our knowledge and commitment to building exceptional homes.

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