Chief Executive Officer

Kjell is the original founder of MVIVO and a visionary entrepreneur with a background in Economics and Law from the University of Antwerp and Strasburg. Kjell started his career in Belgium where he was running his own business and later cooperated with one of the oldest and biggest Dutch companies in construction, real estate development and investment having branches in Europe, USA and Canada. Kjell sharpened many of his skills which have carried over to his work at MVIVO, including keen attention to detail and demanding perfection are key elements of his nature of work. He has immense experience and current know-how in the global and local construction sector, especially in residential, innovative and future-proof single-family homes and townhouses. Kjell fosters a culture of continuous improvement and invests heavily in the professional development of his foreign and local team in Colombo. He is known for his encyclopedic knowledge, diverse skill set and analytical approach in predicting the future of housing. Kjell is married to Eva and has a son, Manuel Silon, named after the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka.