Engineering is in our blood.

It is exactly this mindset that pushed our Belgian, Dutch and local team to take the next step in construction.

MVIVO is your one-stop-service constructor providing a care-free construction process.

MVIVO Home Construction team receiving the Best Employer Brand Award in 2019

Boldness of action.

Our services are backed by a fully-fledged engineering, design and sales team consisting of 40+ professionals with extensive experience in both the local and foreign construction sector.

Moreover, the European technical know-how in engineering, design and construction provides the company with a gamut of services, unparalleled to any other domestic construction firm.

Kjell Van Doren


Kjell is the original founder of MVIVO and a visionary entrepreneur with a background in Economics and Law from the University of Antwerp and Strasburg. Kjell started his career in Belgium where he was running his own business and later cooperated with one of the oldest and biggest Dutch companies in construction, real estate development and investment having branches in Europe, USA and Canada. Kjell sharpened many of his skills which have carried over to his work at MVIVO, including keen attention to detail and demanding perfection are key elements of his nature of work. He has immense experience and current know-how in the global and local construction sector, especially in residential, innovative and future-proof single-family homes and townhouses. Kjell fosters a culture of continuous improvement and invests heavily in the professional development of his foreign and local team in Colombo. He is known for his encyclopedic knowledge, diverse skill set and analytical approach in predicting the future of housing. Kjell is married to Eva and has a son, Manuel Silon, named after the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka.


Eva Reubsaet

+ Executive Vice President

Eva is born in the Netherlands. She is a highly motivated business leader and sourcing expert with an MBA from Australia. She lived in various Asian countries and was running a successful business in The Netherlands and Belgium before she moved to Sri Lanka. As one of the founding directors, Eva utilizes her 15 years of sourcing, design and construction experience to support the MVIVO team, going above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. Eva is an innovative thinker and has an eye for detail in all aspects of running a business. Eva always has the focus on to “get things done.” As the Senior Vice President of MVIVO, she takes an active role in all projects and is insistent that every project, from design to handing over the key, is delivered to the highest possible standard. Outside the office, Eva has a passion for interior and styling. She loves travelling, preferable with her family, and exploring new destinations to get inspired and bring innovative solutions to Sri Lanka.


Dr. Gobithas Tharmarajah


Dr. Gobi is an engineer by training and an academic by profession. After completing his first degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Moratuwa, he completed his doctoral studies in the area of  Structural Engineering at the Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom. As an academic, he is engaged in research, teaching, and consultancy to the construction industry on structural engineering with a passion for innovative building solutions after spending time in Australia. Dr. Gobi has handled more than 50 projects and constructed more than 25 residential houses in Sri Lanka. Dr. Gobi, together with our foreign and local engineer team, adapted the building system to the local context, taking the Sri Lankan climate conditions into account. Besides, he is responsible for testing and approval according to Internal Building Standards by local authorities in Sri Lanka.

Sineth Withanage

+ Head of Human Resources & Sales

Sineth is a resilient, dedicated, pro-active and an organized individual and holds a Masters in International Human Resources Management, and BEng in Mechanical Engineering Design from Kingston University, UK. He is a clear thinker who is quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to initiate innovative and creative solutions. With over 15 years’ experience in various conglomerates, knowledge gained from different businesses in both United Kingdom and Sri Lanka, he strives to ensure that the workplace will always be armed with well-motivated and knowledgeable individuals whom will enrich their acquaintance and adopt to the MVIVO culture. Sineth enjoys playing professional Cricket and loves playing Basketball with his little son, Sanul, when ever he gets time off from work.


Lakshan Theverapperuma

+ Head Chartered Architect

Lakshan has trained and practiced in the field of architecture since 2010, while graduating with Masters in Architecture and Environmental Design from University of West England and the City School of Architecture, Sri-Lanka. He passed out as a Chartered Architect in 2017 and has been involved with mixed development mid-risers, residential, commercial, and hospitality buildings around the country. Interested in innovative building material and design ideas, he is dedicated to designing spaces that bring integrity to architecture. He believes that everyone deserves brilliant housing and that people and quality come first. Together with his team, he is responsible for assessing customer sites and for making sure we have the best strategy for each planning application. He can advise and guide through the end-to-end process of acquiring a MVIVO home.


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