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Thimira Abeysinghe

Visited the place once at noon and the was amazed how cool inside was even without A/C. Also the sound proofing was spot on as the inside was very quiet though the place is located at Galle road. MVIVO will definitely put their name on the mark as this might be the missing link in urban development.

Hemaka Perera

Great construction technique to the SL market.

S.U Elangasinghe

Easy of construction, able to change the design as well as head reduction inside.

E.G Vajira

Easy maintenance & construction time is low.

A.G Sunilrathne

since the house is built in 6 months, it saves time as well as unnecessary expenses.

Dymph de Waal

We went in February to the MVIVO model house. It is an experience to see what they can build for you in such a short time. You choose everything you like.. size of the house (number of square meters), you can choose how many floors you want in the house, how many windows, you can choose several colors for the outside of the house. The beauty is that you can always easily make the house bigger, it is a sort of kit