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How do I start building my home?

It all starts with an idea. Your idea for a home where everything feels right. You’re thinking about what’s possible and what matters most. And you’re looking for a partner you like and trust. If you’ve got a site in mind, you can sign up for a Site Inspection Report  to know the limitations, soil condition, orientation of the land, access to utilities, wind condition, local council requirements, etc. MVIVO will get all this information together and along with your ideas we create a first design. We’ll tell it like it is, and show you our workings into a comprehensive document: the Site Inspection Report.

What is a Site Inspection Report?

You have a thousand questions and even more ideas about what you want your “dream home” to be. Before all these can be answered, it is vital to know the limitations, soil condition, orientation of the land, access to utilities, wind condition, local council requirements, etc. MVIVO will get all this information together and along with your ideas we create a first design. All this is combined into a comprehensive document: the Site Inspection Report.

Why should I invest in a Site Inspection Report?

Under pricing has absurdly become an industry norm. Extra invoices can drive up your actual house cost by 40% compared to the original quotation you received. We knew from the start that this was something MVIVO needed to do different. Because all parts of the house are manufactured off-site, MVIVO customers know exactly how much it will cost before they put down the first payment on their home. No matter what happens, the payment stays fixed and this is reflected in the company’s contractual terms. It gives MVIVO’s customers a peace of mind they can’t find anywhere else. We always start with a Site Inspection Report.

What is included in the cost break down/ BOQ?

When making a quotation for a home most, if not all, home builders quote the ‘Base Price’. This doesn’t included most finishes and no or basic fixtures (where most people prefer a more high-end finish). Depending where the home is built extra back-up features (eg: water tank, pressure pump, back-up generator, etc.) are a necessity but are often not quoted at first. Depending on the site location, extra care is needed as well as for material resistance and general protection of the building but this is often overlooked. The same goes for localised black water / sewage handling (eg: septic tank, soakage pit, …). Furthermore, at the end of the process you can be left with a significantly more expensive house due to costs for delay and sporadical price increases. MVIVO always quotes the ‘Finished Price’. As we have the whole construction process under control from the digital model and factory production to the modular assembly onsite, we know exactly what to quote. So, no extra invoices and a home you can immediately move into. After selecting the additions and going through the options list, you know the ‘All-In Price’. This is what your new home will truly cost.

What’s not Included? Only two things remain excluded in an MVIVO home because they are dependent on your personal taste: the kitchen and the light fittings.

What do you mean with a “worry free construction process?”

A one-stop-service. MVIVO offers a turnkey package. Everything is done in-house by a dedicated project team of Chartered Architects, Engineers, Site Managers and Building Professionals. We take over from the beginning; from the Site Inspection Report to handing over the key. That’s what we call a worry-free process.

Which documents are required when I start with a Site Inspection Report?
  • Copy of NIC / Passport
  • Approved survey plan (copy) & Street line certificate (copy)
  • Registered Deed (copy)
  • Contourplan (copy)
  • Letter of consent for access to the property
What does the MVIVO home service cover?

Construction companies often say they offer a “turnkey” service, only to come up with a long list of what is not included. We know how tough it can be to manage the construction of your home and how much time you personally invest. So, we decided to offer an all-inclusive service and a timeline of just 6 months. We want to take as much of the pain, difficulty, steep learning curve and hassle out of it as we can. We always start with a Site Inspection Report.

Do you help with planning, design and land development?

Yes, we do. In fact, we do it all. Our service starts with a Site Inspection Report. Our in-house chartered architect and structural engineer have experience in planning permission and approval, design and land development. We look at the site itself in the context of the local plan, any relevant policy and precedents. We prepare you a proposal including a fixed price for preparing the full planning application and design in 2D (and 3D) including the foundation. If you wish we can also undertake the site preparation and groundworks and provide your with an estimated cost.

Does your service include site preparation, groundworks and foundations?

Yes, it does, if you wish. We do everything needed to prepare your site for installing your MVIVO home and connecting to utilities, even if that includes demolishing an existing house. We do it all, so you don’t have to. It’s complicated, and we think it’s unreasonable to expect our customers to sort it all out when they’d probably rather not.

Our service also includes the foundation. It’s perfect for an MVIVO home and also needs a lot less digging and earth-moving than foundations for conventional homes. That makes it more cost-effective and less disruptive on site.

Can you help me find a site to build on?

We don’t offer a site search, as that’s a specialist service. But we can recommend a company or broker that can help.

Do you manage the project, or will I need to do it myself or use a project manager?

Our service is end-to-end. In fact, we care as much about you having a great, stress-free experience as we do about you getting the best home possible. Kjell Van Doren, one of our founder-directors, has spent the last ten years managing client projects and helping clients realise their dream homes. Kjell brings all that experience to MVIVO.

We take care of everything, so you can enjoy the process and have the time and space to get on with life and enjoy all the good bits of building your own home. We keep you up to speed with what’s happening each step of the way. You’ll be involved in key decisions and you’ll get to decide on all the cool stuff like floorplans, kitchen and bathroom choices, fitted furniture and whether or not to pimp your smart home system (if that’s what you’re into).

What is your refund policy?

MVIVO does not offer refunds except in certain situation, as noted in our terms and conditions

When do I get my Site Inspection Report?

You receive your Site Inspection Report in maximum 5 weeks if all relevant documents can be provided.

How can I pay for my Site Inspection Report?

The payment can be made either by cash, credit/ debit cards, direct account transfer or cheques.  terms and conditions

Do I get an invoice?

Yes, your invoice is generated once your transaction has been completed.