Building your dream home from conception to realisation can seem like a complicated endeavour. To make things more structured, building a home with MVIVO is a 9-step process from the first meeting to handover and beyond.

STEP 1 Design consultation

For the first meeting (free of charge), we invite you to our head office in Colombo for a 60 to 90-minute chat with one of our experts. During the meeting, we will get to know more about the house you want to build and give you a short introduction about MVIVO. At the end, you can sign up for a Site Inspection.
free design consultation at MVIVO design office in Colombo Sri Lanka

STEP 2 Site inspection

A team from MVIVO, including an architect and engineer, will visit your building site and take essential measurements as well as complete an extensive checklist. We also need some copies of documents from you: National Identity Card, Deed of the land, Approved Survey Plan, and if possible Street Line Certificate. Once we have collected all essential data together with the documents from the Council, we can start on the first design of your new villa. From planning the site inspection to the first design takes about 14 days.

STEP 3 Feedback meeting

When designing your new villa, your dedicated project architect will be in regular communication with you (via phone and email) about how you see the building. Architectural design has many moving parts where everything needs to fit just right. All rooms need to be logically placed and properly sized with walking spaces needing to be convenient and logical, all while keeping the final look of the villa in mind. Once the first design is completed, we plan a meeting with you at our office to go over the floor plan, 3D renders, and calculated budget. Feel free to give all the feedback you have in mind as we will incorporate this into the final design.

STEP 4 Final design and budgeting

Once we settle on the final design, MVIVO prepares the formal agreement. We send you the draft version of the contract together with other documentation you can go over with your lawyer. When everything is agreed upon, we sign the contract and officially start the process of constructing your new MVIVO home.

STEP 5 Ground works and foundation

Every home starts with a solid foundation. Your MVIVO villa is built on a monolithic concrete ribbed beam foundation to avoid any settlement in the future. After the ready-mix concrete is poured, we leave 28 days for curing before starting on the superstructure.

STEP 6 Superstructure assembly

The superstructure of your building goes up in about three weeks. The structural steel core is 100% pre-designed with all MEP superhighways in place. From there on, the structural sheathing is installed as well as the multi-layered roof.

STEP 7 Exterior and interior

This is the most extensive step in building your new home, and about 60% of all materials are used in this phase. From the building insulation and exterior cavity wall to the MEP and full-height windows, everything is installed. Every detail is handled by our in-house team over the course of three months.

STEP 8 Handover

Prior to moving into your new villa, you will get a full orientation tour from an MVIVO representative explaining all features of your MVIVO home. We also provide you with an extensive Homeowner's Manual that includes more information about the main items in your new home as well as instructions for periodic maintenance and all manufacturer literatures and product warranties.

STEP 9 Service and warranty

As a builder, our service extends beyond the construction itself. Every MVIVO home comes with a five-year material and workmanship warranty on top of a 20-year structural warranty.

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