MVIVO empowers people to design, build, and live in homes that last for generations. Harnessing European technology, MVIVO offers cost effective and energy efficient homes within an accelerated time-frame. We believe that our clients’ time is precious. We also believe that clients deserve to design their own homes. From design, to handing over the key, we take care of the whole process. We make it completely hassle-free. As your circumstances change, so can your MVIVO home. Future adjustments can easily be made, and flexibility is built into the core of every house. We know that when your life evolves, so should your environment.

MVIVO is a movement…

  • We believe only in radical innovation

  • We do not fit in, we stand out

  • We know that great design can be life changing

  • We improve continuously and never-ending

  • We do not please our customers, we amaze them


  • We practice inclusion without compromises

  • We are many voices but one team

  • We create transparency where there is none

  • We do well to give back