Project – Belihul Oya

Gayan Hasitha

(Project Manager)

“The client’s requirement is to build an Eco Tourist destination with accommodating 2 two-bedroom holiday homes, 2 suites and 8 cabanas. The design development is based on the concept of “traditional out-of-town settlement” using the MVIVO’s principles of modern, minimalistic design, whereby form follows function.”

Viluckshi Ravindran

(Chartered Architect)

“We optimize every detail in the layout and floorplans making every space a space that you actually use, with optimized room sizes and a functional flow throughout the entire building. The same is true for the service buildings, like the lobby lounge, the restaurant, the spa and yoga deck. Keeping the architectural language of MVIVO in mind, all will give you light, space and a connection to the outside environment.”