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So, you just got back from London? For good? Where are you going live? Rent a place? Heck no. Landlords are crazy these days. Build for yourself? Great! But wait …. Won’t that take like 500 years. Not anymore. 6 months Yep. Possible. With a company called. MVVVVV MVIVOVIVO.. It’s MVIVO

Now you’re thinking this must be super ganang vadi deyak? Well, I mean yeah. It’s a modern home, not a cheese kotthu. But listen to this. Maintenance … gone High energy bills … gone Street noises … gone Price … well not gone but it’s less than you’d think And listen what comes with your home. Thermal insulation Double glazing. Double, you heard that right. Kinetic light switches that are controllable on your phone An inbuilt water tank A Back-up generator European bathrooms Cleanable walls Balcony and veranda decking to catch some dope sunsets. A golden retriever … oh sorry, that you have to get yourself.

Sweet, sweet finishes inside and out A generous amount op power outlets Homogenous floors And…. super sound insulation Your home will feel like a swiss mountain valley at the beginning of spring. (show valley with sounds) Well actually even less noisy. Exterior thermowood cladding An EPDM roof Engineered composite materials throughout. A septic tank Lots and lots of light points Ventilated rainscreen facades You know what that is? Yeah, me neither but it sounds cool. A full window drainage system A satellite dish Etcetera Etcetera ETCETERA So do these houses cost less? No, you get more. Much, much more. For longer. So where do you start? Right here. www.mvivo.lk

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