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Concrete and bricks are porous in nature and allows moisture seepage to take place.

MVIVO’s multilayered walls avoid moisture transfer. Each wall is made of 6 homogenous layers in addition to an insulation layer, all of which are made of imported materials. 

Leakages, cracks, mould and fungus are history.

Our wall claddings crowns your home. Modern simplicity, with guaranteed durability, colorfastness and ease of maintenance.

Make your home unique with a choice of 5 façade cladding options. 



Designer styled, floor to ceiling windows. 

The large double glazed windows used in your MVIVO home bring together the best of both worlds. The durability and versatility of aluminum in combination with double glazed windows that will reduce the temperature by 7 degrees Celsius. Even without running a fan or AC, you will feel comfortable.



Now you can have all the beauty of finished hardwood, without the limitations and up-keep of wood decking.Wood plastic composite has become the trend of modern decoration.

Designed to suit different occasions and most demanding weather conditions, our composite decking are used for all outdoor terrace patios. 



Full height pivot doors.Only when you are looking for a true visual masterpiece to compliment your interior.

We have been studying the characteristics and applications of modern interior doors and looked into insulation, ventilation, privacy, maintenance, materials and durability. 

Our doors are timeless, attractive and offer solid added value to your home and living comfort. Even a toddler can safely open and close the door due to ingenious product design and installation.



Lighting plan.  

Our design team has created a lighting plan that enhances your home, taking it to another level of amazing. Each room comes with single or double dimmable trim-less LED ceiling grille spots or LED flush spotlights.

Save valuable energy by automating your home’s lighting and appliance control through the presence detector, motion sensor and exterior daylight sensor which helps you to create the perfect ambience.



We create light and space with a modern staircase in a white finish. A minimalist white staircase fits almost any interior and ensures a calm and elegant look in a modern home.

Not to forget the handrail which is not only functional, but also eye-catching with integrated LED light.


MEP system. 

A central MEP home control room is included in every home and easily accessible. We have taken care of your electrical wiring and water piping.

Roof drainage, rain water drainage, waste water drainage and the  septic tank and soak pit capacity is installed based on optimized waste management. 

Your home comes with a system C ventilation system.



A bathroom should be a personal wellness centre. Not only do our exclusive black matt fittings look great, they also last. So, you can enjoy that vitalizing shower or bath, day after day. 

We created a designer bathroom with large symmetrical mirrors to the width of your design vanity. A designer style toilet suite with soft closing lid, bidet shower and toilet roll holder.

Shower yourself in style with the stylish shower system and a semi-frameless shower screen with clear safety glass.


Home control. 

Life is about living. MVIVO builds your home, but we even go a step further: we fit your home with the things that make your life more convenient.

Access your home from anywhere. Light control. Curtain control. Temperature control. Entertainment. Security. Smart door lock. Smoke alarm.

We make everyday tasks a whole lot easier.



Interior walls & skirting.  

Clean white walls with flush finish skirting and pelmet for curtains. For the true minimalist.

Enjoy the sense of space with 2700 mm nominal height white ceilings with integrated ambient light holders controlled by wireless kinetic switches. For the smart-home lovers.






Every room in your house is different and imposes specific requirements on your floor. That can sometimes make it difficult to choose the most suitable floor from the many options available.

MVIVO homes are standard fitted with a stone polymere composite vinyl floor. A floor for real life. Beautiful and practical.

Whatever your taste, our floors are easy to maintain and durable enough to handle challenges of everyday life. A wood or stone finish, the choice is yours! 


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