It is your HOME. 


You can leave all the decisions on the behind-the-scenes details to us.

You will be choosing from a carefully selected, beautiful range of interior and exterior finishes. 

+ Interior walls

Clean white walls with flush finish skirting and pelmet for curtains. For the true minimalist.

+ Ceilings

Clean white ceilings with integrated ambient light holders controlled by wireless kinetic switches. For the smart-home lovers.


Beautiful and practical. Whatever your taste a floor that is easy to maintain and durable enough to handle the challenges of everyday life. So it will look great even after years of use.

+ Doors 

Pivot doors. Only when you are looking for a true visual masterpiece to compliment your interior. Even a toddler can safely open and close the door due to ingenious product design.

+ Staircase

Geometric simplicity through the use of materials. And a handrail that is not only functional, but also eye-catching. With integrated LED light.

+ Bathrooms 

A bathroom should be a personal wellness centre. Not only do the fittings look great, they also last. So, you can enjoy that vitalizing shower, day after day.

+ Façade styling

The “skin of architecture” is a core topic of modern construction. The proportion, surface structure and colouring of façades lead to the creation of unique structures.

Making a decision on your exterior walling is not always easy. As is finding a durable finish that looks stunning, unique and without future maintenance. Get inspired and we will advice you a wall cladding that crows your home.

+ Windows

We have been perfecting the creation of beautiful windows to give you light, space while reducing on energy costs.

The large double glazed windows used in your MVIVO home bring together the best of both worlds. The durability and versatility of aluminum in combination with double glazed windows that will reduce the temperature by 7 degrees Celsius. Even without running a fan or AC, you will feel comfortable.

+ Patios

Eco-friendly, abrasion resistant, fire proof and anti-slip. Designed to cope with the demands of any given environment. Safer and more user friendly than other alternatives.


+ Balconies

Undisturbed breathtaking views from your master en suite or bedroom through a frameless tempered glass.

Self-sufficient and smart.


A home for the tech-savy.

Built for the 21st century and beyond.

Energy-efficient and maintenance free.

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If you are looking to build a home, contact us and we will answer all of your home building questions.