We are building a home with MVIVO. Although the situation in the country is critical, MVIVO manages to construct phase wise our holiday home, centrally located in Sri Lanka. They constantly keep us updated on the timeline and make sure that our kitchen installation, AC installation and solar panel installation is technically supported from their end (really a turn-key solution). From the moment we paid the fee for the design and site inspection, we have been well advised by their team of architects and engineers and our consultant answers any questions almost instantly. When they commenced the site, I was surprised that the team was so well trained and that the work is executed in a fast and very neat way. The building site looks extremely organized and clean. Although we are responsible for the approvals and permits, we thank MVIVO for their support in getting the approvals done. We are looking forward to move into our home the beginning of 2022 and we can’t wait to experience a smart home equipped with the latest technologies in Sri Lanka.