MVIVO – Corporate Profile

MVIVO designs and builds homes that last for generations. Harnessing European technology, MVIVO offers cost effective and energy efficient homes within an accelerated time-frame.

To change the industry for the better, we have to first face the problems of the present.

Constructing your home, whether that is your first or second home, is probably one of the biggest investments you will make in life. On the other hand, the process of building it does not reflect on the importance of the investment.

Far too often there is a lack of transparency in the actual costing and the average construction time is beyond 18 months. Not even talking about the personal time you invest to manage and coordinate your project.

At MVIVO, we believe that the place where you live has a profound impact on all other facets of life. That is why we brought European construction technology to Sri Lanka, introducing Dutch Designed Houses built faster, stronger, greener, more durable and ready for the future.

Engineering is in our blood and it is exactly this mindset that pushed our Belgian, Dutch and local team to take the next step in construction. MVIVO is your one-stop-service constructor providing a care-free construction process.

Our services are backed by a fully-fledged engineering, design and sales team consisting of 40+ professionals with extensive experience in both the local and foreign construction sector. Moreover, the European technical know-how in engineering, design and construction provides the company with a gamut of services, unparalleled to any other domestic construction firm.

MVIVO (Private) Limited is a company registered and governed under the Section of 16 of the BOI law having European founders and shareholders.